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For Winword 97.

Downloading lasts only 12/15 minutes or so in spite of the time shown at the beginning of process !

730 Pages. Thousands of examples and links.

Help-Files in English and in French.

Introduction to devanagari script.

Downloading of FRASKT00.exe (10/14 minutes)

Separate Sound File for pronunciation linked with files containing extracts from Ramayana and Pancatantra :

Basic Sound File for pronunciation (5 minutes)

RAMAYA.exe (To be used with FRASKT00) 294 Kb

RAMA_2.exe (To be used with FRASKT00) 260 Kb

PANCA.exe 527 Kb

PANCA_2.exe 643 Kb

PANCA_3.exe 773 Kb

Informations about CD-Rom with extra sound-files (95 Mb) :

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July 1st 2000